Web development

UTX Solutions develops high quality Web sites that are tailored to your needs. Our focus is to create websites that represent each business accurately with quality graphics, usability and excellent performance. We can help you in every aspect of your development process, including domain name registration, designing a professional and effective site, tracking usage statistics, website hosting, database integration and site maintenance.

Applications Development
We use the agile development methodologies and we stay close to our clients to understand their need and provide them with the best solution for their problem. Our framework of choice is Ruby on Rails. It is well suited for rapid development and sustainable productivity. We build anything from simple websites to complex web applications requiring load balancing and database intensive optimizations.
Online store
If you need an online store, you are in the right place. Our expertise include every stage from designing to maintaining an online store. Our #1 choice is Spree which is based on Ruby on Rails.
Database design and Optimization
All web applications which involve dynamic content require a database. Our expertise includes designing optimized MySQL database for your application. We also manage backups and configure master/slave setups if required.
Design and Usability
Professional design is important when building an application. We provide personalized layout design and usability testing to improve the look and feel of the website as well as the easy of use for you and your customers. The usability can include simplified forms and inline help.
Integration of Social Media plugins
Social media has become one of the main sources of traffic for anyone serious about marketing their website. We help you integrate any of your favorite social tools to your content. Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, Delicious and much more.
Web service (APIs) integration
Our expertise includes the most popular 3rd party integration such as Twitter search, Facebook connect, Flickr and Google Maps. If you need to connect or retrieve data from these services, we can help. We also develop Facebook applications which allow an integration of your application into the biggest Social network.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is still an important part of developing a website. We put a lot of effort into optimizing your content for the search engines. Keywords, content, tags, links and structure of the pages.
Analytics are important to understand where is traffic coming from, what are your visitors looking at and how long they stay on your website. It is also a great tool to track your sales if you have an online store. The tools we use are Google analytics and Facebook insights.
Domain Registration and Email Setup
Most of web projects require a domain name and we can help you manage this aspect as well. We make sure your domain stays available. We also provide domain specific email setup to make sure you look professional to your clients. The email service is explained in Email Hosting section.
Hosting service
Once the project is ready to hit the world, we offer you a hosting solution required to support the new application. We help you scale as required by the application.
Maintenance and Support
There is no one better to help you maintain your new project than the experts who build it. We offer various maintenance plans to make sure your new baby stays healthy and available for your customers.