Managed service provider

Business methods are changing fast and today’s business owner needs to be more mobile, more efficient, and able to respond to clients 24/7. Your office technologies need to integrate with those used by your clients and suppliers. Understanding today’s technology will afford you the ability to compete at the same level against much larger competitors. The challenge is in choosing and implementing this technology. With an unprecedented selection of products and services available including in-office and web-based (cloud) solutions, it is a challenge to know what will be the most effective use of your budget when investing in these technologies.

Keeping your budget in mind, technology experts UTX Solutions will give you an overview of some of the latest and most cost-effective hardware and services that you can integrate into your business. We can help you implement a total solution that incorporates all the attributes necessary to be successful without neglecting basic principles such as information security, reliability, and sound architecture.

We recognize that business owners need to concentrate on running their businesses and not be technologists. We will help you make the right decisions and prepare your business for the future.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) – Remote Access or Site to Site
We can setup a VPN for your office to provide remote offices or individual users with secure and reliable access to your organization’s network.
Firewall & Proxy Server Deployment
Proxy servers and firewalls provide extensive security between your internal network and the outside world. UTX Solutions are experts at providing firewall and proxy server solutions as well as security administration.
Network Design, Configuration and Optimization
Whether you have two standalone computers or thirty networked workstations and back-end servers, our technicians are experts in network design. The better you utilize your network, the better your business will run.
Systems Architecture Design
Our expert team can perform in-depth network security audits, active directory design, as well as systems and network configuration and implementation.
Backup Strategy and Implementation
The loss of data can be devastating for a business. Securing your data is critical. Data loss can occur for a multitude of reasons including accidental deletion, theft, and hardware and software failure among others. We can help you find the best data backup solution for your type of business and protection requirements.
Hardware Recommendation and Configuration
UTX Solutions has been helping small and mid-sized businesses work smarter, faster and more efficiently by improving and maintaining their computing environment. We can help you integrate all aspects of technology from workstations to servers to firewalls and everything in-between including such basics as network printers and advanced multi functional printer/scanning/fax devices.
Email Configuration
We provide secure and reliable email solutions and can recommend in-house or cloud based solutions. Our cost effective Email Hosting solution is very popular with our customers.
Server Configuration
We deliver end-to-end IT services including advanced Microsoft server based solutions to host any services or applications your business needs to function in an optimal manner.
Software and Hardware Troubleshooting
Our experts will troubleshoot complex software and hardware issues which can have severe consequences on office productivity.
Implementation of Best Security Practices
UTX Solutions network security audit capabilities span organizational and operational controls, logical security controls, physical security controls, and business continuity controls. UTX Solutions network security expert team also provide network security consulting services, network security outsourcing services, business continuity planning, and ongoing management of network security infrastructure.