UTX Crew

The UTX Crew is a team of trained professionals that make house calls resolving any “issue” with technology. Technology gone bad? The UTX Crew is there to save the day.

New Computer Setup
The UTX Crew can help you with Personal Computer services such as: Installing and optimizing your new PC – Transferring data from your old hardware – Applying security patches and setting up of automatic updates – Installing and configuring software such as Antivirus, applications and utilities
Home networks
The UTX Crew can setup and secure your home network with services such as: Network PC ’s, printers, gaming systems and other network capable devices – Enable File Sharing – Internet Connection Sharing – Secure Wireless Networks
PC RRP Services (Repair, Recover & Protection)
The UTX Crew can help you with: Hardware Failure – Virus Infection Recovery – Data Protection and Recovery – Sluggish Performances – Malware Removal.
PC Backup Solutions
Having a good backup system is no longer a luxury but a must have these days. As time passes, we are all storing more and more critical information on our hard drives that are getting larger exponentially. The UTX Crew can help you design and install a backup solution that fits your needs. We’ll make sure you sleep at night knowing all your pictures, presentations, music and other personal files are safe and sound.

Contact us at tech@utxsolutions.com, by phone (514) 825-0909 or fill out the Contact form for more information on how to schedule a UTX Crew member to visit your home.